Week 18: making the sale!

I am running a little late with my blogs…but the last weeks have been hard mental work, keeping me busy with myself. Sometimes words don´t come so easy. The course will be over next month and I realize that it comes down to making the greatest sale in the world. To me, to myself, to my future self…we get all these wonderful new tools, we know what we have to do, yet, the sale we have to make to ourselves! I think that I am all in….am I really? Don´t think so. This is not a one time sale….we have to be the greatest salesman in the world every single day of our lifes. Every day we must be the best version of ourselves, it´s a process that repeats itself every day. And as the days go by, it becomes easier, we become better, we get closer to our future self. And then new challenges appear, and I learn and master.  The compass has become a great friend on this journey. As long as I don´t get lost, I can do it. I do it, I promise. And I am loving it.


Week 17: Hero´s Journey is a process!

Every week I am surprised about this journey. We take part in this amazing course and every week I think: wow, this can´t get  better. And then the next week exactly this happens: it get´s better. The last 2 week´s we “paused” on the HJ. Time to sit, relax and think about my real bliss. For me these past 2 weeks opened a new dimension. Until now it was something like this: I learn something new, I apply this new knowledge and life goes on with this new knowledge, a little bit better for sure.

Now, I have this new dimension. Life is a Journey. We go on the HJ and eventually we will end the journey and come out a little bit closer to our bliss, to our new self….just to enroll into the next HJ. And so on and on. It´s all about the experiencing of life. It´s not about an experience in life. This really sank in during the last 2 weeks.

Aimee´s Ted Talk is really incredible. Especially after watching it for the second time after Mark´s Week 17HJ video…recognizing that our own “dis-abilities” become our “super-abilities” thru the HJ is a life changer. It´s all in our mind. Every week all we learn and all we have learned comes togehter, better and better.

Also the old BP keeps showing up. And it will keep on showing up, for ever. And I will have to keep on doing the work, the exercises, the progression, for ever and ever. This is the HJ I started some months ago. I am on the journey to find my bliss, my real purpose and I am loving it!!

I have a great life, I am priviledged to be a part of this MKE! I am lucky to have the best family in the world, my great wife Virginia who supports me without asking questions, she just embraces me and my journey with a smile (because she already noticed the positive changes in me), my great daughters Sam and Paula who take part by letting me explain to them some of the things we do here, through a childrens perspective (this is so much fun). They both exclaim “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy” several times per day and I know that this has already improved their future. I am on a 10 day trip to Europe right now and we all agreed to a little excercise: every day we will write down 3 acts of kindness that happened to us and 3 acts of kindness we performed for someone else. Can you imagine that I really want to get back home so I can sit down with them to read this list?

Some months ago I read Mark´s book “Joey the Giraffe stands Tall”. I loved it right away and I agree that we all would live in a better world if every kid and adult would read this book. So, I ordered 2 books. One for us at home and the second one I gave to Mr. Jung, my daughters english teacher at school. I know that he will love it just as I do. And if he reads it along with his students we will have a better world.

Looking forward to Week 18!!

Love to all, be kind!

Week 16: Kindness is a cause

This week has been an incredible experience. KINDNESS. Being aware of giving and receiving Kindness has been such a great experience this week. The multiplying effect is amazing. Mi acts of Kindness multiply with each person that I am kind to. And it muliplies with me as I receive Kindness. With this attitude we are changing the world. Just imagine the impact as our movement grows…amazing!! During this week we talked about Kindness at home, several times. It was an issue every day. I asked my kids to be the observers and during dinner they would tell me what they experienced. They don´t know this yet, but I am convinced that this lesson will be one of the most valuable lessons in their lives. To cultivate awarness for the good things. Kindeness is free, it´s always a win for both sides, Kindness acts will be remembered, they multiply and make this world a better place. Kindness is cause….a better world is effect.

I love this week, the best by far. We are all nature´s greatest miracles.

So grateful to be here. Be Kind!

Week 14 and 15: awareness and my compass

The last 2 weeks of the holidays are over and we are all back home again. I feel grateful for the great time we spent as a family in Spain! Grateful also that we had a safe trip without any problems or accidents and that everybody made it back home safe!

I don´t know where to start. The last weeks have been an amazing experience. I know now that my life has changed and that I am way past the point of no return! There were a lot of distractions and situations that challenged me. We met a lot of people and everybody was discussing all the time (mostly about politics, a very hot issue in Spain these days). It was in these situations where I noticed my newly aquired AWARENESS. A couple of months ago I would have thrown myself right into the discusions. Not this time. I actually enjoyed keeping my mouth shut and being an observer. And you know what? I did not end up angry as a lot of the friends and family members did. My compass was with me all the time, I have it hanging around my neck and it has become a very important symbol for my new life and my newly learned awareness. A lot of people have asked me about this compass and its meaning. I always answer: “it reminds me that the heading is important, not the hour of the day or the time.” Mostly they look at me with a weird expression in their faces. But, some of them get interested and want to know more and we end up engaged in a beautiful conversation. Thanks for those moments!!

Nevertheless I am really happy to be back home and to get back into my routine. I miss it!! Allthough I have some catching up to do I am happy with my new self. Everything is good!

Wish you all a wonderful 2018, with love and kindness every day! Be happy!

Week 13: Vacation mode ON

I have been on vacation with my family for a couple of weeks now. I feel relaxed and happy, enjoying every hour! I notice now that I have changed during the last months. For the better, no doubt about it! Lot of family time, lots of discussions going on. A year ago I would have engaged, this year I enjoy being the observer. As soon as the content doesn´t apport anything positive I move to another group or I even leave for some alone time in the room next door. I have done some nice and “deep” sits (alltough it is not my usual chair in the usual room), flashing the cards is fun and helps to get a positive mental attitude. Some weeks ago we talked about Stimulus…I liked this a lot. Now with NARC we can go deeper into associations and into replacing bad habits with good habits. Helps me a lot. The daily routine is a different one during vacations…but I feel attached to my MK Experience (more than ever, maybe because I notice the changes in my behaviour?) every moment of the day. I have spend a lot of time thinking (not only during the sit), reading and simply observing. Some time ago I would have told everybody about this amazing course I am doing….but now I prefer to listen. Feels great.

So, the daily routine maybe disturbed in some way, but I feel comfortable and happy with myself. It´s all good!


Week 12: They guy in the mirror

This was  an intense experience…50 minutes talking to myself in front of a mirror. The first couple of minutes felt weird…then I started to get pumped up, playing with my feelings, with my voice, pitch, volume, changing my body language, observing the guy in the mirror. And then it happened….suddenly the image in the mirror somehow detached from myself, I saw another guy in the mirror. I saw my future self in the mirror, a guy with a strong body language, with determination in his look, with strength in his words. I love this guy I thought to myself. This experience took place in a few seconds…but it was very powerful. The 50 minutes went by very very fast and in no time I was back on the computer for the master minding. But, this experience is still in my head and I think about it a lot. It´s all good!!! It shows me that I have made a lot of progress during this course. It shows me that I am learning to get in touch with my innerself, I am learning to show feelings, I am learning to be aware of my feelings and to manifest them.

The mental diet, forgiveness, positive mental attitude…and now LOVE. Love is another word for the law of attraction. “Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible”. It just gets better and better. As we master the natural laws we also become closer to being invincible. Fear is left behind.

I am humbled as I keep on learning on the MKE! What a trip, I am grateful!

Week 11: The Four Habits

Over 10 weeks of webcasts and exercices can be resumed into 4 “tiny” habits….they sure where not tiny when we learned them. Big moment to learn that we allready have all we need in our brain, in our head. All starts here, within.

The last weeks have been tough, I am finishing the year with my company and I have been travelling 4 or 5 days every week. But, I do my best every day to keep up. Good news: I am now on vacation (since Monday), I kept my DMP promise (travel to Spain with my family) and I now have the time to catch up with the blog and my requirements. I also have to do some work on my DMP as I now can replace the promise I kept with a new one!!


I feel great, I managed to go almost one complete day on the mental diet! Family is happy and I feel proud as I kept my promise!

Looking forward to the next webcast! Will watch the replay now as I was flying last Sunday. Index Cards are ready, one sentence DMP also ready!

I persist with love!